Paulsboro, New Jersey

If u love holdem poker, well this site isn t for u. Despite free play or a minimal user fee, & believe me I m not one to normally ***, chips always = cards...

regardless of how u play it. I.e. u have a 6 4 and by chance r big blind checked to u so u see a comes 6 4 6. Nice u have a full house, however another player calls a moderate raise (good stuff 4 U) this is what u want.

Wrong cuz that guy has more chips so without fail he will turn or river a large fullboat or quad. Certainly u can out play an opponent to a fold but if called by a larger chip stack u will 85% of the time be out drawn. It s truely increadible.

After realizing this rediculous trend i actually started calling with anything any amount when had more chip & used to my advantage. Eitherway WPT is incredably laim.....

Monetary Loss: $19.

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